2017 Sac Beer Week

2017 sac beer week

                                  Celebrate 2017 Sac Beer Week with Rubicon Brewing! The time has finally come! Rubicon Brewing Company’s participation in 2017 Sac Beer Week is in full force! These events call for nothing but thrilling entertainment, delicious food, and greatRead More…

Weekend Brunch at Rubicon

weekend brunch

Swing Down to Rubicon Brewery for Weekend Brunch! Brunch is something that everyone can agree on. Everybody loves brunch for the simple fact that it stretches across all spectrums of taste; meat-lovers love brunch, sweet lovers love brunch, vegans, vegetarians and even kids! One of the main reasons that brunch has become, arguably, the mostRead More…

Stillwater Tap Room

stillwater tap room

Introducing the Stillwater Tap Room & Brewery The Rubicon Brewing Company has been a popular Sacramento landmark since 1987. As one of Sac’s original local microbreweries, it happens to consistently brew award-winning beers right here in California’s capital city! The owners and crew at Rubicon have decades of experience as accomplished brewmasters and connoisseurs ofRead More…

The History of American Craft Brewing Industries

craft brewing industries

The Early Rise of Craft Brewing Industries Although the evidence of American micro brewing only dates back to 1587, when colonists and natives from Virginia started brewing ale from corn, we know that humans have been brewing their own version of beer since before 1800 B.C. Since then, craft brewing industries have gone through aRead More…

How to Become a Beer Expert

beer expert

The Four Level Program to Becoming a Professional Beer Expert Beer experts operate on all parts of the spectrum; whether it is lifelong devotees to simple domestic beer or an actual certified cicerone.  But what actually goes into becoming a real professional beer expert? A lot of opinions circulate around the idea of what it reallyRead More…

Alcohol by Volume in Craft Beer

alcohol by volume

How Brewers Calculate Alcohol by Volume You see it everywhere on alcoholic beverages, the ABV level, but what is it? You know that the higher the ABV volume, the stronger the alcohol will be. You may wonder what goes into calculating the ABV level and how it is determined in the brewing process. Alcohol byRead More…

Beer History: American Brown Ale

American Brown Ale

The Story Behind American Brown Ale An often unnoticed beer that may be judged by its cover are brown ales. Many are unaware of the complexity of the brown beer spectrum. American Brown Ale is spawned from English Brown Ale and is made simply of American ingredients. Some versions of this Ale have additions ofRead More…

Rubicon Brewery’s History

rubicon brewery's history

Rubicon Brewery’s History: Capital City’s Favorite Pub Sacramento’s favorite brewery has been a jewel of the capital city culture. Rubicon Brewing Company is a favorite in the Midtown Sacramento area not only because of their award-winning fine ales and great food, but because of the fact that they love to give back as much asRead More…

Deciphering the IBU Scale

ibu scale

Can the IBU Scale Really Measure Bitterness? The taste of beer is something made up of many different components. For one, the sweetness and fruitiness in any craft beer is due to the barley malt that is used in the brewing process. Additionally, the bitterness aspect in beer is famously attributed to the beer hopsRead More…

The Street Pub In Sacramento!

street pub

    Rubicon Street Pub Event: Tailgate and After Party Get ready for a lively block party coming to Midtown Sacramento! Deschutes Brewery is bringing the Capitol City a 420-foot-long pop-up street pub featuring 60 taps of all kinds of brews. On October 8th, explore the biggest craft beer block party on Capitol Avenue atRead More…

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    Monday: 11AM - 10PM (Kitchen Closes at 9PM)


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  • Upcoming Events

    • April 27, 2017 5:00 pmEnglish Pub Night: Firkin Thursday & All You Can Eat Fish & Chips after 5pm!
    • April 28, 2017 10:00 amFriday: Featuring seafood lunch & dinner specials and New England clam chowder
    • May 1, 2017Industry Night
    • May 2, 2017Tuesday: $3 Selected Pints – All Day!
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