Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale® (5.4% ABV / 1.050 OG / 22 IBU) – Our American style pale ale made with 2-row malt, crystal malts, and Mt. Hood hops and dry-hopped with Cascade hops for that perfect balance.

Rubicon I.P.A. (6.5% ABV / 1.066 OG / 57 IBU) – Our flagship I.P.A. This one put us on the map. Generous portions of Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops are added throughout the brewing process to create a beer golden in color with an assertive hop bitterness. This beer won gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival. A true American classic.

Amber Ale (5.5% ABV / 1.055 OG / 25 IBU) – Crafted from a blend of pale, Munich and crystal malts and imported German hops. A deep amber brew that is smooth and malty.

Czech Pilsner (5.2% ABV / 1.050 OG / 26 IBU) – Brewed in the Bohemian tradition using the finest imported European malt and hops. Cold and patient lagering results in our version of a classic European style pils.

Dry Irish Stout (4.8% ABV / 1.050 OG / 34 IBU) – Brewed in the famous dry Irish stout style and served on nitrogen for a truly classic presentation. A bronze medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival.



Grapefruit Hopsauce® X.X.I.P.A. (8.2% ABV / 1.078 OG / 109 IBU) – Our Hopsauce® X.X.I.P.A. conditioned for one-week with natural and unprocessed zest from ripe organic grapefruits, freshly zested by hand one-at-a-time by our brewers. Winner of the Gold Medal for Specialty IPA at the California State Fair in 2015.

Rosebud (7.1% AVB / 1.077 OG / 68 IBU) – First brewed in 1995 on the day Jerry Garcia died, and is named after one of his guitars. This complex multi-grain ale is brewed with a blend of twelve types of malted barley. The spicy hop character comes from select German and Czech hops.

The Antidote SMASH Ale (6.0% AVB / 1.055 OG / 45 IBU) – As we continue our trip through our summer Single Malt And Single Hop (SMASH) series, we meet a hop named Galena. This hop, paired with Rahr Synergy 2-Row, brings a peppery citrus character that is bright on the palate with a mild stone fruit character through the finish. Here’s the cure for what ‘ales’ you.

Capricorn Black I.P.A. (6.5% AVB / 1.066 OG / 66 IBU) – This dark brew is a unique creation originally conceived at home by our brewer. It is a combination of styles that came from his love of Stouts and Porters coupled with his thirst for bitterness and aroma found in India Pale Ales. It is an I.P.A. with a heart of darkness, an India Black Ale.

Winter Wheatwine (13.0% AVB / 1.117 OG / 44 IBU) – The Winter Wheatwine is brewed in a style similar to a barley wine, but uses 60% wheat in place of the barley. The recipe was inspired by late Jim Pell, while attempting a batch of homebrew. He came up with wheat ale that was over 10% ABV…WHEW! This was a big mistake for him, but one we have been proud to carry on in his memory since 1988…



Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (1.068 OG / 62 IBU / 6.8 ABV) – Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale represents a time honored tradition of brewing a special beer for the holiday season. There are generous portions of barley malts and fine whole hops of several varieties, creating a brew with a full, rich and hearty character.



When Maggie Met Flanders – Maggie Brown has gone WILD! A rare barrel-aged offering from the Rubicon, this batch of Maggie spent 10 months in an oak Chardonnay barrel with raspberries added. During that time, wild yeast and bacteria slowly transformed this mild-mannered brown ale into an untamed homage to the Flanders tradition. Aromas of fresh raspberries, toasted oak, and caramel malts lure you in as the delicate balance between acidity and sweetness keeps you coming back for more.

The Nice Holiday Lager (6.4% ABV / 1.061 OG / 40 IBU) – With the holidays upon us, we welcome you to a NICE holiday lager.  Floral on the nose, spicy on the palette, and with caramel through to the finish, this hop forward lager is just what you’ve been asking for.  Some good deeds do go unpunished.

The Naughty Holiday Ale (9.6% ABV / 1.094 OG / 60 IBU) – This Russian Imperial Stout is just as NAUGHTY as Boris Badenov himself. The rich aroma complements the roasted chocolate notes. This limited selection will only be available in bottles. Even though you deserve it, this is much better than coal in your stocking.




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